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What causes cracked heels? 

“Cracked heels” is a condition in which the skin on the heels is dry, rough, hard, cracked, and separated into sheets. The problem of cracked heels, at a glance It may seem unimportant. Many people may not pay much attention to taking care of their

Ways to wash your hair

Did you know that washing your hair the wrong way can cause unexpected damage to your hair, such as hair loss and unclean hair? No matter how much I wash, my hair still feels greasy. Including scalp problems caused by using shampoo or washing your

Check before eating “Ketogenic”.

Ketogenic diet may be suitable for people who want to lose weight and diabetic patients because it can help reduce blood sugar levels. But not always Because there are other factors that must be taken into account as well. Eating a “ketogenic” diet is related to blood sugar levels. Because eating ketogenic