What causes cracked heels? 

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Cracked heels” is a condition in which the skin on the heels is dry, rough, hard, cracked, and separated into sheets. The problem of cracked heels, at a glance It may seem unimportant. Many people may not pay much attention to taking care of their skin in this area. สมัคร ufabet But if left untreated, it will make the soles of your feet thicker. broken into deep grooves There may be bleeding and this can lead to a bacterial or fungal infection. Many people are therefore trying to find effective ways to take care of cracked heels.

What are the causes of cracked heels?

Factors that cause heels to crack are caused by both internal factors and external factors as follows.

1. Internal factors include those caused by heredity. Caused by certain illnesses such as diabetes and chronic arthritis. including increasing age As a result, the skin lacks moisture.

2. External factors and risky behavior

  • Drinking water: Drinking insufficient water to meet the amount that the body should receive each day is a factor that causes cracked heel.
  • Bathing: Bathe with warm water regularly. or soak in hot water for a long time including the use of soap Or cleaning products that cause the skin to become extremely dry are another factor that causes cracked heels.
  • Live in an area with frequent cold weather. Without applying nourishing cream to add moisture to the skin.
  • About walking and wearing shoes that don’t care for the skin on the feet, such as like walking barefoot without shoes. Wearing shoes that do not fit your foot size Wearing open-toe shoes or the soles are too hard These are all risk factors as well.
  • Do not apply nourishing cream or neglect to nourish the skin around the heels.   Heel that are constantly being rubbed from wearing shoes can easily cause the skin around the heel to become cracked and calloused due to moisture loss. Failure to use heel care cream or balm may result in the problem of cracked heels becoming more severe.
  • Caused by allergies to certain substances such as chemicals and cement.