Manchester City 3-1 Burnley: Issues after the Premier League game

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Manchester City 3-1 Burnley: Issues after the Premier League game: The Blues conceded a late goal and missed a clean sheet.

Manchester City have a combined score of 23-1 against Burnley from their last six Premier League meetings at the Etihad Stadium. 

Erling Haaland returned to the field as a substitute in 10 games.

Julian Alvarez celebrates 24th birthday with two goals.

Burnley is considered to be the opponent who lost to Manchester City

The most because the “Blues” scored a combined score of 23-1 from meeting in the last 6 Premier League games. Etihad Stadium 

Erling Haaland returned to action as a substitute after 10 games, while Julian Alvarez celebrated his 24th birthday with two goals.

Matheus Nunes made his first league start in over a month, Kevin De Bruyne provided another assist and Rodri scored his sixth goal of the season.

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Will Kevin De Bruyne match Ryan Giggs’ assist in time?

Pep Guardiola gave an interview thanking Carlos Vicens and set-piece coach Jack Wilson for improving the team’s set-piece play. Which was effective from the goal that Alvarez scored to give the “Blues” a 2-0 lead.

De Bruyne faked a free kick into the far post. But then he passed the ball to Alvarez, who shot out of the hands of James Trafford and into the goal.

This assist was his 104th goal for a teammate in the Premier League. He now sits in third place behind Ryan Giggs (162) and Cesc Fabregas (111).

At 32 years of age, De Bruyne may not be playing at a high level before long. Especially injuries that are starting to be asked about often. But if he can maintain his physical condition like Giggs, who can play until he is 40 years old, it is still possible that the Belgian star will equal the legendary Manchester United winger’s record.

Erling Haaland recovers from injury and returns to the field again.

It is good news for Citizens fans when Erling Haaland returns to the field. After two months after suffering a foot injury.

Norwegian national team striker Haven’t play for Manchester City since the 1-0 loss to Aston Villa on December 6.

Pep Guardiola admits he wants Haaland to play more. But because the team was unable to score any more goals, they had to wait until the 71st minute to let the 23-year-old star onto the field.

Haaland’s return is a double dose of good news. Because it happened during the time when Kevin De Bruyne was recovering from injury as well. And will be a key man in defending their Premier League title.

Julian Alvarez scored 2 goals to celebrate his birthday.

It is a great birthday present for Julian Alvarez. In addition to being a regular starter, He also repaid Guardiola’s trust by scoring two goals.

The Argentine national team striker has now scored 15 goals in all competitions this season. Which is only 2 goals less than last season.

Alvarez emerged as a leader in attack in the absence of Haaland, and he performed quite well. which the number of doors indicates very well But the return of Haaland will help him be even better because Alvarez has done very well in the low forward role.

At just 24 years of age, Alvarez has already won every championship for a high-level professional player, whether it be the Premier League, Champions League, Club World Cup, and is considered one of the underrated players.