Choosing the right foods can help heal the “liver”

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Liver is one of the important organs that filters waste. Eliminate toxic residues obtained from eating food from the body. If you eat unhealthy food, it can have a negative effect on your liver. If the liver is not working properly, the liver is weak, or if there is fatty liver or cirrhosis, it will cause various systems. An abnormality followed. and may be life-threatening. ทางเข้า ufabet Therefore, before being at risk for liver disease We should nourish and care for the liver to be healthy. and pay more attention to eating foods that nourish the liver Including changing behavior to keep the liver healthy.

Liver nourishing foods Restore strength

Root vegetables 

such as cabbage will help increase glutathione. (Glutathione) in the body helps to flush out toxins. Good for nourishing the liver. Broccoli and sweet potatoes contain glucosinolates. (Glucosinolate) stimulates the liver to produce anti-toxin enzymes. and enzymes to help digestion

Carrots ,

an orange vegetable packed with various vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and K, also contain folic acid, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper, which help nourish the liver, nourish the blood, and help relieve symptoms. Indigestible food

Green leafy vegetables 

such as spinach, lettuce, and other leafy green vegetables. It has the ability to prevent the formation of heavy metals in the liver. and flushes out chemicals that accumulate in the liver Especially chemicals like pesticides that the body usually gets from consuming food.


contains flavonoids. that the liver needs to nourish and restore itself


are rich in protein, fat, glucose, sucrose, vitamins A, B, C and citric acid that help nourish the liver and relieve symptoms of hepatitis.

Orange and Grapefruit 

Contains both vitamin C and antioxidants. which is an important aid in detoxifying the liver and reducing the risk of liver cancer


contain glutathione (Glutathione) which helps flush out accumulated toxins in the liver. And helps reduce the chance of heavy metals accumulating in the liver.

Various mushrooms 

such as straw mushrooms, fairy mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms or reishi mushrooms. Helps reduce fat accumulated in the liver and bloodstream. Anti-cancer and increase the amount of white blood cells as well


is rich in vitamin C and helps treat symptoms of hepatitis B infection. Prevents heavy metal toxicity in the liver. and reduce the risk of liver cancer

Brown rice 

is high in carbohydrates. Contains vitamin B complex If eaten in sufficient quantities It will help build glycogen in the liver. Helps restore and strengthen the liver.


such as salmon contain omega 3, a nutrient that supports liver function. It is an important aid in repairing damaged liver tissue to restore it and function well again.


contains beta-carotene, sulfuric acid, calcium, iron, vitamins E, B2 that will help increase white blood cells. and reduce blood fat which will nourish the liver to work better Prevents fat from covering the liver more than before.


contain two important substances that help nourish the liver: omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione. which helps in removing toxins from the liver


has the property of stimulating the liver to produce enzymes that help flush out toxins. Garlic also contains Allicin and Selenium, two important natural components that will help detoxify toxins accumulated in the liver.