Ways to wash your hair

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Did you know that washing your hair the wrong way can cause unexpected damage to your hair, such as hair loss and unclean hair? No matter how much I wash, my hair still feels greasy. Including scalp problems caused by using shampoo or washing your hair too harshly. http://ufabet999.app Today we will find the correct way to wash your hair. For beautiful, healthy, sustainable hair and scalp

Take care of your scalp first.

The scalp, like our skin, also needs care. The pre-cleanse treatment product should be used and gently massaged onto dry scalp. It will help remove excess oil. Including balancing the scalp before using shampoo.  

Wash your hair properly

After using water to wash your hair thoroughly. Do not pour shampoo directly onto the hair. But you should pour shampoo into the palm of your hand, mix with water and rub until foaming before applying to the scalp. Starting from the back of the scalp as the first zone, then slowly massage down onto the hair until the tip. This will gently cleanse your hair. and thoroughly removes dirt from hair

Continue massaging your hair with a moisturizing treatment.

After we have taken care of and cleaned the hair in the shampooing process, This time it’s about taking care of the middle and ends of the hair that lose moisture after washing. By noticing what problems our hair has. Whether it’s dryness and damage, hair loss, or colored hair that’s been exposed to heavy heat. You should choose a conditioner or treatment that goes deep into that hair problem and start massaging from the tip of the hair back to the roots. And if the hair is severely damaged You should add a hair mask step to 2-3 times a week. 

You shouldn’t rub your hair hard after washing.

After rinsing with clean water Our hair is wet and the cuticles are open. Do not rub your hair hard with a towel. You should use a gentle blotting method to preserve the hair cuticles. Follow w